Thursday, September 25, 2008

Irrelevant Odds 'N' Ends

* I about fell over in my chair this morning when I read this article linked on my friend Cathi's blog:

"PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk"

No joke! They want Ben & Jerry's to use breastmilk like some European restaurant is using. Can you imagine? Who would actually buy that? We use strictly homegrown mother's milk around here, and only for the one and under crowd. Although if it took off, think of all the extra money I could make, pumping and selling it...

* We had Bible Study at our house last night. I think there were just over 500 people here.

Just kidding. Sorta.

* Dr. Pepper makes life so much better. I do wish they would come out with a Splenda sweetened version.

* I have fallen in love with cooking blogs! First it was Pioneer Woman Cooks! And then I found Full Bellies, Happy Kids. And then there is A Year of Crockpotting. If you have any other kindred spirit blogs that you visit, please let me know!

* Speaking of blogs, Bloglines has saved my life! Since I have a number of blogs that I follow, I was spending waaaaaaay too much time clicking on them to see if they had been updated, especially those that only blog once a month (or year). Now I just go to my bloglines screen and it tells me which blogs have been updated! I had actually stopped looking at any new blogs because of the time factor, but now I can follow many more in much less time!

*It's the time of year in San Antonio when we ask, "Will it ever cool off?" You know you have lived in South Texas too long when you are checking your child's workbook where they have to answer the question "Is winter cold?" and you want to mark them wrong for answering "yes."

* We are still guessing at what color hair Ashlynn will end up having.

* You would not believe how much less hair we have in the vacuum cleaner now that all four older kids have cut their hair. And how much less time it takes them in the shower.

* Back to blogging, I want to share a blog pet peeve. It is really hard to read blogs where the author does not separate paragraphs with a line or even fails to make paragraphs! I know it isn't strictly proper writing to put a line between paragraphs, but when you are reading from a computer screen, it greatly increases the ease of readability. So please, if I read your blog, hit "enter" twice between each paragraph!


Kim said...

You should check out

Shelley said...

I completely agree about the paragraph thing--sometimes I just give up and don't read a blog where I can't find paragraphs! :)

Alexander Family said...

I love the crock pot blog. I do a lot of crock pot cooking but am always looking for new and different things to try. Great site!

ApeKnitty said...

I was just wondering about all that long hair this morning! I can't wait to check out your cooking site recommendations! I can definitely see how this homeschooling thing can be addicting. It is growing on me already!