Friday, September 12, 2008

On Cameras and Babies

A couple of people from church have commented on how Ashlynn doesn't look the same in person as she does in pictures on the blog. The reason is that she will NOT smile if the camera is around. She can be in the happiest mood, laughing her head off. But if I pull out the camera to document this, she can do nothing but look intently at the big black thing in front of Mama's face.

The other day I determined to get a shot of Ashlynn's beautiful smile - she smiles with her whole face. She was in such a good mood until...

Come on, Ashlynn! Smile for me.
Hailey says, "I'll hold her up so she can smile. She likes it when I hold her."
Lauryn says, "I'll ride with her on the car. She likes to ride with me."

OK, Ashlynn. If you aren't going to smile for me, could you please get up on all fours like you've been doing and show the blogging world how you are trying to crawl at only 4 months old?

Kora says, "Can I try, Mama.?"

"Sure." I give her the camera.

And this is what happened.