Thursday, September 4, 2008

Worth Its Weight in Gold

My grandmother came to my house when Ashlynn was just a few days old. While she was here, we got to talking about cooking. She mentioned that she had a "big" cast iron skillet that she couldn't lift anymore. Besides that, it is just my grandmother now, so she only needs the small 8 inch skillet. Would I be interested in the "big" one?


She sent it home with my parents who brought it up to me the next time they came to visit. And I have been in love with this pan ever since. It's not quite a big as I thought it was from her description - one of those "eye of the beholder" things, I guess - but I love cooking in it.

I was explaining to the girls that this pan was probably 20-30 years old. They were stunned. When I called my grandmother to tell her how much I loved the pan, she informed me that it was older than that! My grandmother got married in 1943, and she said she had it most of her married life. This pan is so seasoned that glue wouldn't stick to it!
My "new" pan!


Granny said...

You are SO blessed! Mine is WAY too new!

Candace said...

What a treasure! I would love my grandmothers' skillets!

Tiffany said...

Cool! I inherited my Granny's cast iron skillet a several years ago. It is huge and I love it! It is very very heavy though.