Friday, March 6, 2009

Heavy Hearts

There are times I just don't have the heart to blog. There are times when my mind races with blog posts. There are times my kids supply my blog posts for me. This last week, I have not had the heart to post very much, except what my kids provided for me.

We've had so much going on, and much of it I didn't want to put up here. Kelly has been going through a time of great uncertainty and turmoil at work, and we weren't sure if he would have a job in a few weeks or not. My only living grandparent - my mother's mother - became ill about three weeks ago and was admitted to the hospital just a few days before I left for my conference. While I was there, Grandmama developed pneumonia and has not been doing well. She has so many things wrong with her and very little strength to fight any of it.

These two major things, on top of normal everyday things like sick kids and insurance issues, have just left me emotionally worn out. Of course, the Lord always uses these times to teach us (meaning me) to lean on Him more. We've also had many sweet friends and family praying for us through this time.

The job situation seems to have been settled, although it won't be 100% until a couple of things fall into place. Hopefully that will happen quickly and smoothly! I am also leaving today with Ashlynn to go see my grandmother in Abilene. Most of my side of the family will be there. So while I am not looking forward to leaving Kelly and the kids for another weekend, I am looking forward to getting to see my grandmother and my parents and siblings, aunts and cousins. Unfortunately, since my girls have been sick, we decided it was best not to take them and expose my grandmother to any more germs. So Kelly is sweetly being single dad for the weekend again. Fortunately he's very good at it, and doesn't really mind as long as I leave the fridge and pantry stocked with dad-friendly meals. :-)

Oh, and when I get back next week, we are taking a WEEK OFF! I really need a spring break!