Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break Sleepover!

Our oldest four girls - Kora (12), Aubrey (10), Brynna (7 11/12), and Hailey (6) - are going to a sleepover party! Two of the (completely crazy) families at church are hosting most of the kids from church: the girls at one house, the boys at the other.

So Kelly and I decided that after we drop them off, we would go out to eat. After all, we would only have two kids with us, and one of them doesn't eat table food yet! It would almost be like going out by ourselves! We also decided we were not going to any of our typical relatively-cheap-to-feed-a-family places, but would go somewhere we NEVER take the girls. We are thinking Red Lobster.

I expect to get back four girls tomorrow whose sugar to sleep ratio is decidedly tilted towards the sugar side. :-)


Granny said...

LOL on the ratios! I can attest to the sugar overload already!

Papa said...

I can also attest to doing "The Robot" with/for Hailey, Sophia and Abby. I do that very well, btw.

sis said...

crazy? what? no....

well, maybe.

but we're having fun anyway. :)

Candace said...

I don't know about your girls, but Seth and Sophia were packed TWO days before the sleepover. They carried backpacks around the house waiting for the big day.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner!