Sunday, March 29, 2009

Painting is therapeutic...

returning a new light fixture because it doesn't fit is not. :-) I spent the better part of yesterday re-doing my downstairs powder room. I even managed to take some "before" pictures, although I didn't remember until after Kelly took down our old mirror. It's not quite all put back together, but as soon as it is, I'll post pictures.

I also managed to find some more clothes for Kora. She's in an awkward stage right now where girls sized clothes pretty much don't fit anymore. Many juniors clothes are inappropriate and misses clothes aren't shaped for a 12 year old. So I always get really excited when I can find clothes that fit her and are appropriate and that she likes. Yesterday I took her to Ross and got her three Sunday outfits, including an Easter dress that her father said makes her look far too old.

My grandmother continues to makes slow steady improvement and will more than likely be moving to nursing home in the next week or so. They are looking at one right down the street from my mom's neighborhood, so it would be very easy for my mom to check on her and spend time with her if she moves there. But I am so thankful that she is doing better!

After talking about it for nearly 6 years, I think I am finally going to dig myself an herb bed! I've had a spot just off our back porch picked out in which to grow cooking herbs ever since we moved in this house, and have never gotten around to it. But my good friend Aubrey gave me a rosemary plant for my birthday in December, and it desperately needs to be planted in the ground. So Saturday morning I plan on getting out and making my small bed and planting it, along with basil, parsley, and maybe dill. I feel that is being very optimistic for my first attempt. I have, if not a black thumb, than at least a very grey one. We only have various types of bushes and shrubs out in our front yard for a reason! Those I can usually manage not to kill.

We have some close family members going through a very important legal hearing this week. I can't go into details, but if you could pray for them, they could sure use it.

My girls are very excited. On Wednesday the kids in our church are beginning rehearsals for their next musical. They can't wait to begin! The older two are also deep in practices for their spring recital coming up in mid-May.

Well, I guess that's all the little doings going on in our house lately. I'll post pictures of the bathroom and herb garden (if I actually get it done) as soon as possible.

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KievKowboy said...

I will definitely pray for your family member. God can do great things when we gather together in his name.