Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday started out pretty normally for a spring break day. The kids went outside to play after breakfast; I was switching out winter clothes for spring clothes.

Then around lunch time, Ashlynn (10 months old) started running a fever. By the time she went down for a nap, it was over 102. I had a late afternoon eye doctor appointment, and when I got home she had just woken up from her nap. Kelly said her temp was over 103.

Supper was just about ready, so I was sitting, cuddling Ashlynn when she started throwing up. All over me. Kelly took the baby and started cleaning her up, which included a bath. I had to take a shower too, because she got me good. I took all of our clothes and the towels we had used to clean up and threw them in the washing machine.

During our supper, Ashlynn kept throwing up. Poor girl. Meanwhile the girls and Kelly were wondering why the load in the washing machine was making such a racket. Suddenly it hit me - I had kept my cell phone in my pocket during the doctor appointment. Had I taken it out when I got home? Please, let it not be in the washing machine! I hurried to the machine, but of course, I found a very clean but dead cell phone in the machine amid the clothes and towels.

By this time, Ashlynn had crashed in Kelly's arms, and I needed to go to the store to get some Pedialyte and a few other things. Kelly told me to look at cell phones while I was there. I looked, but not for long - too expensive there. Kelly later found me one on Amazon. So for the time being we are down to 1 cell phone - his phone with my SIM card in it.

Ashlynn finally perked up a little and was able to keep down some pedialyte and breast milk. After she ewnt to bed, I was ready to crash in bed and read for a little bit before going to sleep. But as I went to get in bed, my book wasn't there. It wasn't on the school table, or in the suburban. Then it hit me - I had left my father-in-law's book at the doctor's office! (Don't panic, David, I went and retrieved it this morning!) Definitely not one of my best days ever.

Ashlynn was up a lot overnight, so I didn't crawl out of bed until after 8:30. And I'm already drinking a Dr. Pepper. But hopefully today will be less destructive!


Candace said...

My goodness! Hope today has been much better for you....and Ashlynn.

VLS said...

I'm sorry! This is just pitiful. You think it can't get worse, but I guess it can. Hope you're all better now.