Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fabulous Five!

Happy Birthday to Hailey Christine!

Two years ago I sent out an email on Hailey's 3rd birthday that started off something like this, "We made it to Hailey's 3rd birthday and we aren't in jail!" Well it's hard to remember the little troublemaker she used to be. (Oh, wait, actually all I have to do is watch her younger sister and it all comes back to me.)

While she is still a drama queen in many ways - she cried buckets of tears this morning because Lauryn was lying the wrong way in the cave they had built - she is now quite the sweetie. She giggles and plays all through her days. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if she's not secretly dyeing her hair - she is so giggly and in her own little world that I would swear she is a blond at heart. :-)
Really, though, she is growing up so fast! I can hardly believe she is big enough to be counted among the more or less official scholars in the academy. She is working very hard at counting to 100 and is getting much better at sounding out 3 letter words. She loves barbies and horses (surprise, surprise), deer, dress-up, movies, and giggling with friends.

Happy birthday, Hailey!


Kristen & Dave said...

Geez, she's huge! I would have hardly recognized her...makes me sad! Happy day to you, Hailey! And looks like Janice is due 2 days after you Tami, according to your tickers!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Hailey!
She is such a beautiful girl!

VLS said...

Hailey, it's hard to believe that you're 5 years old! Look at you. Granny & Granddad love you bunches!

Kristen & Dave said...

Oops, should have said that Janice is due 2 days before you. I really can add.

Ryan said...

Happy Birthday, Hailey!!!