Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tortillas can be your (kids') best friend

I love tortillas. I usually have 3-4 kinds in my house at all times, sometimes more. Here are a couple of ideas for quick lunches that use these wonderful staples of a Texan's diet:

Pizza Burritos

Take a burrito size tortilla and spread a little spaghetti or pizza sauce around the center (keep a couple of inches away from the edge). For the simple version of this, add cheese (I use cheddar) down the center, sprinkle with a little Italian seasoning, fold and microwave one minute. If you are feeling creative or adventurous, use mozzarella cheese, onion, pepperoni, etc. Really, you can make it any flavor you want! My kids like these for lunch, and during college days, this would be supper many nights for Kelly and me.

Pigs in a Comforter

Take a hot dog wiener, make a couple of shallow slits on each side, and place it in the middle of a fajita sized tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese, and roll up, securing with a toothpick if needed. Microwave for 45 sec. - 1 minute. Dip into mustard and enjoy. Since the tortilla is so much bigger than the typical "blanket" of a pig-in-a-blanket, it reminded me of when my kids would roll themselves in our king size comforter. Thus the funny name.



Dee Dee said...

Hi Tami,
I am a friend of Cathi's & enjoy checking on your blog occasionally (ever since Aubrey's cute contrast piece on a mostly boys household vs. a mostly girls household : )
It was so funny to me today to notice that your Hailey will be 5 on September 19th, the same day Cathi's cousin Johanna's Josiah will turn 5, and the same day our Isaiah is to turn 5. Guess that makes 3 of us who were in the same boat but separate birthing rooms 5 years ago and are now wondering where the time went! Happy Birthday to your little one in a few days.

Tami said...

Nice to "meet" you! And thank you for the b-day greetings. To yours as well!