Friday, September 14, 2007

The House of Girls would actually be a great boys' house this week!

Or at least a boy's backyard. We have a lot directly behind our backyard that has been vacant for 4 years. After much debate about what to do with it, the latest word is that it is going to be turned into a nature preserve. So all this week, we have had front-end loaders, bulldozers, and various other "big twucks" as Lauryn calls them rumbling non-stop behind our house.

And I do mean non-stop. Starting at 7 am. Even two year old girls are evidently fascinated by "big twucks" as you can find her constantly looking out the windows. But man, oh man, wouldn't little boys be glued to the site. At present there are five machines of various utility pushing thousands of cubit feet of dirt around our lot. And yes, all the equipment in these pictures was actually moving when I took them.

So if your little boys disappear on you in the next few days, check for them in our back yard, gazing over the fence.

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Tiffany said...

Wow. Gage would love to be in your back yard right now! I hope the noise isn't too much to handle.