Monday, September 3, 2007

OK, I admit that

I was very caught up in the whole Princess Di thing as a child. I mean, come on, what little girl wasn't? This was a girl who married the guy she'd had posters of in her room as a teen. And he's a prince. What could be more like a fairy tale than that? I remember being so disappointed when my mom wouldn't wake me up at 3 am so I could watch the wedding live. Thankfully we did have a VCR by then, and she taped it for me. :-)

Of course we all know the ending to the fairy tale. The whole sad story is such a glaring example of what sin does to us all.

The reason why I thought this blog-worthy was the memorial service last week. I didn't even know about it ahead of time, but flipped through the channels and stumbled across it. I did get to see the address given by the clergyman. And I have to say that it saddened me that a man of the church proclaimed her sainthood, citing her charity work, her mothering skills, and her ability to inspire people to reach their own potential, or something to that effect. I have no knowledge of whether she was a believer or not, and am not trying to make that judgment here. I do say that the fruit of her life makes me doubtful, but this is beside the point. My concern was that the man of the church substituted his own politically correct reasons someone is a saint, rather than the words of the Bible. It doesn't surprise me, as this happens all the time. However this was a rather public example.

Very sad.

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