Friday, September 7, 2007

I had been dreading today, but....

it turned out better than I had feared. We had a busy morning, and I had been very sick the last couple of days, so I had no idea how I was going to handle the morning.

Fridays are normally our library day. Today was also our day to pick up our basket full of produce from our co-op. Then I had to get Hailey and Lauryn to a friend's house (thank you, Carrie!) so that I could take Kora and Brynna to get their teeth cleaned at the dentist while Aubrey had a consult with the orthodontist (all in the same building). Whew. I'm getting tired just thinking about it. But, I am so thankful that the Lord gave me a good day. I did get nauseous at one point this morning, but I just pulled through the drive-through for second breakfast, and all was well. And the girls got to laugh at their mother for being a hobbit.

At Aubrey's last dentist appointment the dentist noted that she has an under-bite - instead of her top teeth resting in front of the bottom teeth, hers meet end to end. So she recommended that I get her in to the orthodontist in case there was anything he felt could be done to help correct this even before she gets braces. As she has only lost 8 out of 20 teeth, we are still a couple of years or so away from braces. But the orthodontist felt that we could just keep an eye on things at this point, and he'd see her again in six months. Good news.

While I was having all this fun, Kelly was at his ENT for a follow up appointment. He is going to have another "nose job" on the 25th of October. I don't understand all the details, but basically there are some filters in the nose and sinus cavities that are too big in Kelly, so the doctor is going to go in, break the little bones inside these filters and turn them down so they heal that way. This will make the bones smaller and will thus shrink these filters, hopefully opening up his breathing passages while still having the immune system defense. Doesn't sound like too much fun to me, but then again, not being able to sleep well is also no fun, and if this will help...

I also spoke to my midwife today, and got the ball rolling on that end. Looks like we will be able to have a homebirth after all! Because our insurance will not cover the birth fees at all if we homebirth, we had thought it might be better financially to deliver at the birthcenter, since we would only have to pay 40% of that. But I found out that the delivery fee is much higher at the birthcenter than it is for that same midwife to come to the house to deliver it, that it almost make up the difference. I was so excited to hear this, as I really wanted to have the baby at home. Sometime I need to post Lauryn's birth story, but suffice it to say, I am glad I didn't have to get in a car and go anywhere during her labor. And Kelly is very much with me on this - he was even more set on a homebirth than I was, so we are thrilled.

Well, since I am having a good day today I guess I need to get up and attend to at least one of the million and one things that are sliding around here. :-)

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