Sunday, September 30, 2007


As you can tell from a quick read of the ticker at the top, I am getting close to the end of the first trimester. I am praying that as the trimester ends, so does the pregnancy sickness, aka progesterone poisoning. The only thing worse than the first trimester is... well, the last month before delivery. And even that may be a toss up. This is also the longest gap we've ever had between babies. Lauryn will be 3.5 when the baby comes. So there is alot I forgot. Here is a short list of:


  • How awfully sick you feel for weeks and weeks on end.
  • How so many people have to pretend they are happy for you if this is baby number 3 or more.
  • How many people ask really, offensively nosy questions like, "Did you plan for this to happen?" or "What were you using for birth control?" I guess the latter is so that they can know what NOT to use.
  • How everyone assumes you are trying for a boy. This is especially amusing if these same people also assume it had to be an accident.
  • How food becomes the enemy. It either makes you nauseous, or you are all the time thinking about food as you try to determine what you can eat that won't make you too sick.
  • How awfully sick you feel for weeks and weeks on end.
  • How you forget that dizziness, faintness, and fatigue are also part of this whole pregnancy sickness stuff.
  • How much you hate the thought of maternity clothes.
  • How much you hate the feeling when the pants/skirts/shorts get too tight in the waist.
  • How you start thinking you might be feeling the baby ridiculously early with every tummy growl.
  • How hard it is to get used to other, umm, bodily changes. Like a bigger cup size when you are used to being, well, less endowed.
  • How hard it is to drink a normal amount of fluid a day.
  • How awfully sick you feel for weeks and weeks on end.
  • How messy the house gets when the kids are in complete charge of housecleaning.
  • How simple cooking becomes - no more elaborate meals!
  • How much money you spend at fast food places because it is inevitably the only thing that sounds edible.
  • How funny it is when the toddler talks about the baby in "mommy's 'tomach."
  • How life is turned upside down. Seems like everything gets put on hold "until I get to feeling better." In some ways, this aspect is worse in trimester one than it is postpartum. I always have more help and am usually feeling good physically after birth.
  • How your emotions can be much more sensitive than normal - you can cry at a commercial and get mad at the kids in a 60 second span.
  • Did I mention how awfully you feel for weeks and weeks on end? I should say, seemingly without end!
As this trimester closes, I am praying that it takes with it the nausea, dizziness, etc. It would be nice to have some energy back!


Tiffany said...

I completely agree with trimester one being worse than postpartum! I usually feel great right after having a baby. I do hope that this is the end of sickness for you. Praying for you friend!

Granny said...

You forgot a couple, Tami:

1. How beautiful you are when you're pregnant

2. How blessed you are to have a few friends who already have more children than you and can still be genuinely happy for you without wondering about the "accident."

Anybody else wanna add to the list?

Tami said...

Aww, shucks, Cathi. Yes, I am very grateful for our church and HOPE groups who are genuinely happy for us. :-) It's very nice to have places that you don't worry about reactions like that. Our immediate family has been great as well.

Candace said...

To add to Granny's list:

3. How blessed you are that your children are excited about the coming baby, as opposed to,"Oh man, you're having ANOTHER baby?" (This is always at the forefront of my mind because I'm so thankful that my own children are always ecstatic about a new baby despite their workload increase during sick phase!) ;-)

4. Most importantly, you're bringing another future adult into this world who was raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This world can always use another beautiful Smith!

5. How beautiful you are when you're pregnant!

On a side note, I DO feel for you during this sick stage.....if only mine would end by the end of the first trimester! Love ya!

Candace said...

Oops! Sorry Tami.....I got a bit off theme on number 4 in sticking with the "first trimester". I kinda generalized it to the whole pregnancy! I'm just SO excited for you guys!

Tami said...

That's ok, Candace. I appreciate the encouragement. It's easy to get tunnel vision in times like this. Just wish I could FEEL beautiful, as you ladies have so kindly said. I know that sounds like I'm fishing for more compliments, but I have trouble thinking that when I feel green and chubby. :-)

Stephanie said...

And don't forget: how quickly you can forget how awfully sick you felt for weeks and weeks on end, almost as soon as it's behind you...or at least certainly by the time you hold that sweet baby!

I feel your pain, though. Goodness, it always seems like you'll feel that way for the rest of your life when you're in the middle of it.

Praying the fog lifts very soon!