Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blizzard in San Antonio!

No, it isn't a freak arctic storm.

A few weeks ago, Kelly and I realized that our frugalness had deprived the girls of an important piece of culinary knowledge:

they had no idea what a Dairy Queen Blizzard was!

Yikes, how did this happen? Then we realized that to get that many mouths a blizzard... well, you can see why we have never done it. So we decided to take them sometime, like maybe Labor Day weekend!

So tonight after a light supper, we surprised the girls by taking them to Dairy Queen and letting them each have their own blizzard and let them each get to pick their own flavor. This is nearly unheard of in our family. I am the queen of figuring out how to split meals between kids, rarely letting them pick their own anything! So this was a real treat. They had butterfinger, M&M, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Most of them decided that their favorite flavor was daddy's Georgia Mud Fudge (they had to sample a little from every different flavor). I didn't see the chocolate dipped strawberry flavor until after I had ordered or I might have gotten that. Yum!

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Neal Schneider said...

At least they know what a Dairy Queen is... A scoop of ice cream on a cone here will run about $5.