Friday, August 1, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane, pt 2

I only have one senior picture of my husband. Not sure if he took any more, but this is the only one I ever saw, besides the tux shot in the year book.
For those of you who don't know, Kelly was born with his middle and ring fingers webbed together. He didn't have this surgically corrected until after Kora was born. So he could not wear a ring on his ring finger. He could only wear it on his pinkie - thus the pose. I promise he is not having delusions of grandeur. Actually he didn't wear it that much, because he had given it to ME.

Since that's the only senior pic I have, I thought I'd add some from junior high. Although, when my husband sees these, we may not make it to our 15th anniversary. :-) But I'm going to blame his mother, who not only took these pictures of a junior high musical production, but emailed them to me. I didn't even know Kelly at this point. If I had seen this in person, history might have been changed.

This number is called "The Long Tall Texan." I'm not sure what he had in his shoes, but the lifts and the hat just really make the costume, don't you think?

And this last one, well, frankly renders me speechless.
Yes, that's Kelly front and center along with several other members of the football team, dressed up in hula skirts and bikini tops, doing a hula dance. And yes, they all had, er, something, stuffed into the tops to make them, um, more anatomically correct looking.

Remember, honey, it's all your mom's fault.


Kristen & Dave said...

that is AWESOME!!!! oh man, wish I had good ammo like that on Dave!

sis said...

good, I needed more blackmail on miss kelly.

Granny said...

All right, I almost spit out my morning coffee! Great way to start my Saturday morning :-)

Granny said...

But I must say, he was handsome senior!

Candace said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Like Granny, if I had been drinking coffee, I may have lost it!


VLS said...

Why is it always the MOM'S fault? Just because I happened to take the pics doesn't mean the outfit was my idea? And me & Kelly built those lifts he was wearing as the Long Tall Texan out of 2x4's and tape. It's a 1000 wonders he didn't break his neck! Priceless memories.

Tami said...

Sorry I had to blame you, Vickie, but I live with him now, so I didn't want to take the blame. ;-)

Fortunately he thought it was funny too. So nice to have a husband with a sense of humor!

Neal Schneider said...

What nice... uhhh... Balloons?