Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane, pt 3

I am having so much fun looking at these old pictures. And I cringe at my hair nearly every time. What was I thinking? How did I even get it to do that? Oh, and I have a correction from the last post. Kelly says he and the other football players were Tahitian drummers, not hula dancers. My apologies.

Anyway, today's pics are from prom our junior year (our school did a junior/senior prom). My grandmother made this dress in a size I will never see again in my lifetime.


Kristen & Dave said...

Tami, you looked way sexy!

Candace said...

Okay, Tami, you're inspiring me (double-dog daring me) to start posting some of our early pics! I can match your hair....AND the dresses!

So much fun.......and I agree with mama!

Hmmmm....our 17th IS coming up....may have to borrow your idea!

Shelley said...

Tami, you look gorgeous. And for the record, I L-U-V the big hair. :)