Monday, August 25, 2008

Even more conversations with a three year old

During family devotions:

Kelly: How do we "clothe ourselves in humility"? What kind of 'clothes' would we get to do that?"

Lauryn: Yellow ones?


My dad is talking to Lauryn on the phone:

Pa: What are you learning in school?

Lauryn: I don't do school. Only the older ones do. (She said it more like "the o-der ones" making it sound like the smelly kids were doing school.)

Pa: Well, what do you do while they are doing school?

Lauryn: Be quiet.


Kelly has been ordering DVDs of the Muppet Show from our Blockbuster Online subscription. So Lauryn has been going around the house, trying to impersonate the Swedish Chef. I wish I had a way to record her doing this because there is no way to recreate it in print. But it sounds a little like:

Bee shtee borshtee bee shtee bore.


One evening at supper, the girls were being pretty silly. At the peak of silliness, Lauryn rolls her eyes heavenward, shakes her head and asks:

"What is with these girls?"


I guess I should be glad that my girls are bad at name calling.

The other morning after breakfast, Kora and Aubrey reminded Lauryn that she had silverware to put away in the drawer. She did not appreciate the reminder. As she stalked and stomped off to the kitchen, she yelled at them,

"You're just... just... just MEAN OLD LADIES!"


Born to Dance said...

Mean old ladies! lol!

Candace said...

LOL! When we did the "clothed in humility" lesson, Sophia's response was "clown clothes"! I guess she thought "humility" was a form a "humor". We just about died laughing!

Tami said...

Aubrey said the same thing! We were talking about humility and what it meant. Aubrey got a very confused look on her face and said, "I thought that had something to do with being funny."