Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday the girls and I participated in our annual fall field trip: the South Texas CORN MAiZE!
This is part of a family farm near Hondo, Texas. They plant a hay grazer crop and then create a winding, twisting maze. First, you have to pick the clue pages. There are posts stationed throughout the maze. When you come to one, you stop and read the clue; the answer tells you whether to turn right or left.
It sounds easier than it is. Go here for a view of what the maze looks like from overhead. So we have our sheets, lets head in.
First, we have to read the rules. Guess it's a good thing Kelly didn't come along or might have broken one!
Everyone went through, even this one!
Here's the view in the path - it can be very disorienting!

However, it wasn't as tall as it usually is, I assume because of the lack of rainfall this year.
Quite a few families from our homeschool group were there.
Even some visiting from Virginia.
Besides a maze, there were many other activities. The girls' favorite was the "corn popper." This was a big air filled pillow that they jumped around on.

There was also a corn shuck canon,
a barrel ride,
and a hay ride that took a detour into a pumpkin patch.
One activity was strictly prohibited, however.
After all this activity, plus a picnic lunch, the girls were a bit tired.

Nap time was very quiet yesterday. :-)

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Candace said...

Wow! You're SO good to get pics up so quickly!

We had a great time was fun being with everyone......

Great photos!