Monday, October 13, 2008


I had planned on writing this post on Sunday, but with the new update, we could not figure out how to download the pictures off my camera and onto the computer. Thankfully, my genius of a husband figured it out this afternoon. YAY!

So I am starting off my "hook" themed post by stating that I am hooked on my husband! I pity the woman who does not have a computer genius coming home to her house for dinner every night. So young ladies, if you are looking to hook a husband, a prerequisite MUST be that he can either fix any computer ailment, or make enough money to hire someone who does. It's a little known secret to marital bliss. ;-)

Item number 2:


Sorry, but I had to get that out of my system. I had been wanting to post this since Saturday afternoon and I feel much better now.

Third item:

Walkmom wanted a picture of the hooks I replaced our hall tree with.

Walkmom, this is the bracket with hooks that my hubby (who is not only a computer genius but handy as well!) screwed into the wall. I bought it at Lowe's for around $20-25. I bought this one for two reasons: it went with the molding in our entry hall and the screws in the back were exactly 16 inches apart, allowing handy hubby to screw it into the studs. Not all the hook sets I looked at did, so take a measuring tape with you when purchasing. It also has plenty of sturdy hooks for my kids most used jackets.


Candace said...

Ummm.....I think a more important prerequisite for a husband would be one who massages your feet almost every night! ;-)

Tami said...

I didn't say it was the ONLY prerequisite. ;-)