Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer Projects

I've been intending for weeks to post pictures of Brynna and Hailey's new bunk beds, along with a completed summer project list. I kept putting it off, but today I am getting it all posted! So please bear with me during a post that is a month overdue.

While most families have summer projects to complete, this year mine took on a new urgency. I had been unable to do much the last three months of my pregnancy except survive, and my house looked it. Plus with a new baby, we had some room rearranging to do. So once I was recovered from pregnancy, birth, and beginning nursing, I hit my to-do list for my house. It was a balm for me, since I had felt so useless, tired, fat, and discouraged for the latter part of the pregnancy. Feeling like tackling major house projects helped me feel more like myself than I had in months.

First on the list was finding and ordering bunk beds for Brynna and Hailey. Then I had painted their room before the bunk beds arrived. I also painted Kora and Aubrey's room while I was at it.

I also had the girls take up the rocks out of our rock bed in our front yard and planted sod there. We cleaned up the flower beds and I put down new red mulch. We also got some chairs and plants for our front porch to make it more inviting. That was the goal anyway.

When the bunk beds arrived, we moved Lauryn to a big girl bed and set up the crib. I then decorated Lauryn and Ashlynn's room.

We finally bought the entertainment center we had been wanting for years, so we had to work on the living room a bit.

I also re-organized the entry closet and re-did my bedroom.

I painted our entry way and got rid of our decrepit hall tree. Kelly hung up a nice bracket with hooks in the hallway instead.

I also helped the kids with some craft projects, reworked my menu rotation (more on this in a day or two), did some house cleaning, and did my lesson plans for this year. We also had tons of doctors and dentist appointments to fit in.

Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. But after months of doing nothing but gestating, it felt good to getup and do something, to busy and involved! Now I am happily in maintenance mode, and enjoying the new school year. Oh, and I make myself a promise not to take on that much in a summer ever again.


walkmom said...

It all looks great! Could you post a picture of the entry way with the new brass hooks? We have already ditched our halltree (decrepit, too), and I am using wooden peg boards in our back hallway for coats and jackets. It is out of sight there, but it is also inconvenient. We don't use that door to go in and out unless we are going specifically into the garage--which doesn't house our vehicles! I'd like to see how yours turned out. Thanks

Tami said...

The hooks aren't brass, they are some sort of silver, but I will post it.

The Jackson Family said...