Sunday, October 12, 2008


So my my hubby decides that it is time to upgrade my computer. Huh? So what if I have to reboot it a few times a day because it locks up on me? So what if it is three years old, which in computer years is definitely looking at retirement age. And even the girls' computer was faster than mine.

So, always looking after me, my husband has now set me up with a dual core something or other, with 2 gig something something. It's a good thing he makes his living in binary language and not me. :-) What it does mean in that I am now learning Vista and getting everything set back up. My passwords are no longer in memory, so I am logging onto various sites, trying to remember which password I used there.

The only down side so far is that neither one of us have been able to get the driver for my digital camera working. So I can't upload pictures - a definite drawback for a blogger. So hopefully we'll get that going soon. Otherwise, I might go through some sort of withdrawal, not being able to post cute pictures of my kids.


Lora said...

Ugg, this was my all summer project! I hope you have better luck with it all and have Kelly upload your old hard drive on the new pc to get all your old passwords and sites resaved! It will make a load of difference.

I hate Vista btw!

My printer wouldn't work with Vista and I had to use Jeremiah'c pc every time I wanted to print, what a pain!

Did I mention how much I loathe Vista? Well, we both do! Good luck!

Tami said...

Actually, Lora, it's really been a relatively seamless transition, except for the camera. He got all my info transferred from my old hard drive, which is now my back-up drive. All my programs work. I instantly had all my bookmarks, addresses, etc. I'm just learning how to do stuff in the new OS.

I know Vista has a bad reputation, but so far I am not having any problems with it. Kelly's been running for months and so he knows it pretty well. Now I just need to figure out how to get my camera to upload pictures, and I'm good to go!

Lora said...

you are lucky. My first PC absolutely wouldn't work with Vista at all. I spent over a month trying not to complain to Jeremiah about not being able to get the pc to do anything. Finall I gave up and said something.

Jeremiah is very pc savvy and spent 2 weeks trying to get it to work before he spent 6 hours on the phone with Dell. Finally, Dell took over the pc and even they couldn't get it working, so that pc was sent back and I had to wait for another one.

Then we went through the process all over again. We had to re-download all the drivers for the printer to work on my PC and again I waited a month before complaining again.

The bad thing about having a pc savvy husband is they get tired of having to fix everyone else's problems and he gets frustrated at me cause I can't do everything he can do, so I HATE having to ask him to help. I am glad you didn't have these issues, I am sure that since Kelly had Vista he had already worked the kinks out.

Tami said...

OOOO, I am glad we didn't have those problems. We didn't go through Dell this time, Kelly built me a new computer, using a few things from my old dell and finding great deals on the new components. And you are more patient than I am - Kelly does spend quite a bit of time helping others with their computers, but I still yell for help when I can't get it to work. :-)