Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We have lift off!

Last night I was working on the closet in the two youngest's room, and look what happened!
In case you can't tell, Ashlynn pulled up to a standing position using the clothing bin, and I snapped just before she fell and landed on her well-padded tushie. She spent today pulling up on everything she can get her hands on, literally.

I also wanted to post pictures for those nay-sayers who think my house never gets messy. :-)

And as of tonight I am done with the clothing switch! Now I just have to go buy a few things that are listed on my handy dandy chart. For instance, evidently no one has more than one pair of jeans in this house. Can't quite figure that one out...


Amy Mantooth said...

Yea, Ashlynn!
Also, for the record, stuff out while you start and then complete a project does not count as a messy house. I am sure that when you said that you are through with this project, that everything was picked up and looked great again. Right?

Tami said...

Amy, I cannot tell a lie. An hour later all that mess was gone: put away, hung up, and the floor clear. But I still count that as messy because it needed to be cleaned up! :-)