Friday, October 3, 2008

Homeschool Science: Molecules

Three of our kids are studying chemistry this year. Today we started the section on molecules. So of course we had to pull out the Tinker Toys!

Tinker Toys???

Of course! Here are the girls assembling their "molecules." They love any hands-on type activity like this. Plus it gives them a great visual which really helps them remember what they are learning.
Here are the three "molecules" we created today: water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Can you tell which is which?
Even Hailey enjoys listening and taking part on the activities, though I do not expect her to record and write about the experiments like Brynna and Aubrey do. At this point she just has fun and answers some oral questions.
Here's Hailey proudly showing off her carbon dioxide molecule!
By the way, a friend of mine stationed in Germany right now is using this same curriculum (along with some other good books) in a co-op she is teaching. Even though this curriculum is geared for elementary aged kids, she has some moms putting 8th graders in the class because evidently this is one if the best elementary aged curricula in preparation for the challenging Apologia courses! Viv, do you use Tinker Toys?

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