Friday, October 10, 2008

Time for Yet Another Conversations with a Three Year Old

The other morning Kora and Aubrey must have been annoying Lauryn, who was playing in the living room. She yells into the school room,

L: Hush, y'all guys! [Tami's note: Where is this child from? Minnesota?]

Aubrey: No!

L: Yes! Hush y'all guys or I'm going to put you in the dungeon!

Yesterday morning as Lauryn was getting dressed for the day (before seeing anyone else in the house I might add), she asked me,

L: Mama, can you tell Kora and Aubrey and Brynna and Hailey to stop?

Me: Tell them to stop what?

L: To stop being my sisters!


The other morning Lauryn was playing with the Little People toys in the living room when she spotted a bug. She jumps up and tells me, "There's a fire ant or a 'squito or somethin'! I'm gonna go get a kleenex!"

She hurries off to the restroom and comes back armed with a tissue. Then she looks down at the toy that the bug had been on. It wasn't there anymore, so she starts picking up different toys and peering under them. Not finding it, she starts calling, "Bug! Come out! Come out or I'm gonna kill you!"

Me: Lauryn, if it comes out, you're going to kill it anyway.

Lauryn: I know! I'm gonna squash it too! Bug, come out! Come here or I'm gonna pick you up and squash you and kill you and throw you away!

With incentive like that...


When we drive over a dip in the road or go in an elevator that makes your stomach go flip-flop, like you're on a roller coaster, Lauryn always squeals,

"Oooooooooooo, Mama, that scared my stomach!"


walkmom said...

I love that second comment. I think Kert would say that sometimes--if he thought of it!

Candace said...

Lauryn is a crack-up!

Seth and Soph are the two that always make me laugh with their conversations, but I can hardly remember them later to post!

Oh, I remember this one:

We were watching the Cole's dog Bosley....the conversation went like this:

Seth: Bosley is a boy. Cause Bosley begins with a "b". /B/,/b/,/b/, Bosley, see?

Sophia: Well, Sheba is a girl...

(Me: thinking, what will she come up with to prove Sheba's a girl)

Sophia: ....because her name is "SHE-ba".

I thought that was pretty clever!

Candace said...

Oops, sorry, I messed up on Seth's part.

Seth: Bosley is a boy because Bosley begins with a "b" as in Boy! /B/, /b/, /b/, boy, see?

Aunt J. said...

Sounds like when I told Daddy that he was making my arm dizzy....LOL!!

ApeKnitty said...

Oh my goodness I love her "ya'll guys" expression--I might have to try that one out myself (in Minnesota)!