Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Phonics Lesson with Hailey (Aged 6)

Me: Today we are learning that "ay" says a. Remember when two vowels are together, the first one talks and the second one is silent. Hailey, look at the page, the words are not on the ceiling. What does "ay" say?

Hailey: I don't remember.

Me: Remember, the first one says its name and the second one is silent. So what does this say?

H: Oh yeah, a. [pronounced as a long a]

Me: Very good. Now let's read some words that have "ay" in them. What's this word? [I point to the word "pay."]

H: Puh. Puh. Piiiiiiiiiie. Pie.

Me: No, remember this is an "a." The "a" says its name. What is its name?

H: Oh yeah. A. Puh, puh, paaaaaaaay. Pay.

Me: Very good. (She reads a few more words.) Very good. Now let's read some sentences that have these words in them. (I point to the first sentence: Fay, Kay, and Clay will stay at a home on the bay for two days.)

H: Faaaay. Fay. What's a fay?

Me: It's not a thing; it's a girl's name.

H: Oh. Fay, Kaaaaaay. Kay. What's a Kay?

Me: It's a girl's name, too.

H: Oh, Fay, Kay and Claaaaay. Clay. What's a clay?

Me (trying not to let my frustration come out in my voice): It's a boy's name.

H: Oh. Clay will staaaaay. Stay ate.

Me: No. Look at the word. Does it have an "e" at the end?

Hailey just stares at my nose.

Me: Hailey, look at the word. Does it have an "e" at the end? (She shakes her head no.) Then what does the "a" say?

Hailey: I don't remember.

Me: (Sigh.) Remember an "a" says /a/ (like in apple) if there is no "e" at the end to make it say its name?

H: Oh yeah. At a home ["Very good," I interject.] on the bay. What's a bay?

Me: Its kind of like a lake.

H: Oh.

Me, after waiting for several seconds: Hailey, look at the book, the words aren't on the ceiling.

H: At her birthday party, do you think Piper...

Me: Hailey, let's talk about that later. Let's just finish reading right now.

H: Okay. Bay fuh, fuh ... [I tell her that "or" say or] for two daaaaaaaays.

That was one sentence. One down , five more to go that morning. By this time I am really wishing I was a coffee drinker. Or that I had a Dr Pepper. Or chocolate. Or all of the above.


Amy Mantooth said...

LOL!!! I was laughing so hard reading this. I have totally been there, and guess what... I am now a coffee drinker!!! I think teaching Ashlynn to read has driven me to it. Why is it that kids look everywhere else BUT the word to figure it out?

The Pauls' said...

Been there, done that! Teaching phonics can be very rewarding, but very frustrating:) Then one day, they just get it! Good thing.

Gumby's Gang said...

Soooo, when did you peek into my lessons with Kyra (aged 6)???? This sounds like yesterday's lesson! Maybe it's the age..... :>

ApeKnitty said...

Been There! We are using a book I really like with Micah (age 5). It is Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried Engelmann. It may be more simple than where you are, but it has worked wonders for Micah--short, repetitive lessons building on prior skills--he is only half way through and reading pretty well for a 5YO! It uses phonics, but does some sight reading too.