Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reformation Day

Last night our church celebrated Reformation Day at a member's house. Each year we have a theme country - one of the countries instrumental in the reformation. About every other year we do Germany, which is, of course, the heart of the reformation. We start off by eating supper together.
A table full of German food! And a kitchen full of German desserts (somehow I didn't get a picture of that!)

We also visited, er, uh, fellowshipped. Is that a word?

You know her, right?
This is Kora and Addie. Addie is an adorable toddler in our church. Kora wants to grow up to be her mother. Seriously though, Addie has been adopted be several of the teenagers and almost teenagers at church. I'm surprised she ever learned to walk, as they are always carrying her around. Kora loves that little girl, and the feeling is mutual.
Finally everyone started gathering in the living room and quieted down. It was time for some hymns.
Here's hubby, our song leader.
Brynna has fallen in love with two of the older couples in our church. Here she is with one of them. She sits with them at meals, talks with them before and after services (she waits for them near the front door if we are at church first), and here she sits with them while singing.
After the hymn-sing (which included "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" by Martin Luther, of course) the younger kids went to another room to color pictures of Martin Luther.
Our pastor gave a brief history of Luther's life and some of his contributions to the church. He also talked about why it is still important today.
We look forward to Reformation Day every year!

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