Friday, November 21, 2008


Have you ever packed up for six kids - make that six girls - including one baby, plus two adults for a six hour road trip for a week long stay? This includes snacks, blankets, air mattresses, sleeping bags, a keyboard (so my girls can practice their piano for an upcoming recital - yep, we are either dedicated or obsessed, take your pick), jackets ('cause it's actually cold where we are going), stuffed animals, movies (mobile DVD players are the best invention since...since...the washing machine!). This isn't counting all the medicine, toiletries, clothes, jammies, ponytail holders, diapers, wipes, juice, etc.

Well, neither had I until this week. And it isn't a job for the faint hearted. But we are looking forward to our first getaway in nearly a year. We are going to see my parents. My sisters and their families will be coming in as well. My dad recently had a big birthday, so it seemed like a good excuse to get together. And my hubby racked up so much overtime on his recent trip that we are going to stay through Thanksgiving! I will also get to meet my four month old neice, Callan. Should be a full house!

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Jeanie said...

Not 6,
We are in FL and this time it took us 16 1/2 hours : (
I understand how you fee, but all worth it to see family : )