Saturday, November 8, 2008


I think I am finally used to looking at my girls and seeing shorter hair. It took quite a while. I was so used to looking for the waist length hair, that I did a double take when I would see the shoulder length (or shorter) hair. Of course, it is nice to only need to clean the vacuum cleaner brush out every other week.

What surprised me is how sad I was when they cut it. I had practically begged Kora to cut hers before, and they all complained when I would take them once a year to get a couple of inches cut off to trim it up. But once they each had 11-12 inches cut off (that's nearly 4 feet of HAIR!) I felt bereft somehow.

You see, I was known as the lady with all the girls who had such beautiful hair. Every time we went out in public clerks, cashiers, other customers commented on their hair. How beautiful it was, how long, and of course the red heads always get special attention.

Now I am just the lady with all the girls. Just the one with all six girls and no boys. Yep, we just fade into the background now. :-)


Kelly said...

Yeah, we fade RIGHT INTO the backgroud!

ApeKnitty said...

I can't imagine the lady with SIX GIRLS fading into the background!