Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whole Hearted Mother Conference

Every year, I am privileged to attend a conference that encourages me in my calling as a mom while providing a fun getaway with some of my friends. It is called the Whole Hearted Mother Conference, and registration time is upon us! If you are interested in finding a conference where you can hear Sally Clarkson speak, check out the dates and locations below! Every year I come away blessed. I'd love to see everyone at the Texas conference!


January 23-24, Charlotte, NC (Church at Charlotte)
Conference Early Registration Deadline:
Friday, DECEMBER 26 (Save $10)

Hotel: The Marriott Charlotte SouthPark
Room Rate: $109/night (guaranteed through December 26)
Reservations: 704-364-8220


February 6-7, Irvine, CA (Crowne Plaza Irvine Hotel)
SPECIAL Early Registration Deadline: Friday, NOVEMBER 14 (Save $20!)
Early Deadline: January 9 (Save $10)

Hotel: The Crowne Plaza Irvine
Room Rate: $85/night (guaranteed through January 23)
Reservations: 949-863-1999


February 20-21, Irving-DFW, TX (Dallas Marriott Las Colinas)
SPECIAL Early Registration Deadline: Friday, NOVEMBER 28 (Save $20!)
Early Deadline: January 23 (Save $10)

Hotel: Dallas Marriott Las Colinas
Room Rate: $83/night (guaranteed through February 6)
Reservations: 972-831-0000

Click here for info on the Texas conference.

Click here to register for the Texas conference.


Jeanie said...

Wow you are so organized I can tell. My head is spinning considering home school material options. I see you use Easy Grammar. Do you have the teachers book & students workbook? I just figured I would need both. I am so lost as to what I would have to teach for each grade....ahh!

Tami said...

Yes, I went ahead and got both. I know you are on a strict budget for this, but it was worth it for me not to have to copy the pages out of the teacher book. But you can do that 0 the student page is in the teacher book.

I know there is a lot of material out there, but you really can school well with just a few basic and inexpensive items. Right now is also a great time to pick up inexpensive used materials. Check out:

Jeanie said...

I was really thinking of going with ABEKA as I haven't a clue yet and it's all laid out. Lots of is I wouldnn't need. Like for K I don't need flash cards and would need to add in some 1st grade as my son is almost 6 and ahead.

Tami said...

I can understand the draw of something like Abeka or Sonlight to a new homeschooler because it is all laid out. Just know that because it is all laid out, it can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of parts to Abeka, which means a lot to keep up with.

If you decide to go a different route let us know, as we can help you figure out something different.

Jeanie said...

Thanks Tami,
I guess where I am scared is with instructing. How will I know what is work they do alone or what I teach? I haven't a clue as to maing a lesson plan.

Born to Dance said...

Oh my gosh is it coming up again already? It doesn't feel like almost a year yet! wow.

Tami said...

Jeanie, remember that homeschooling is much more like private tutoring than it is like classroom teaching. You will be basically one on one with your kids so you will eventually figure out what they can do on their own and what you need to instruct. And the instruction takes so much less time to one or two children than it does to a classroom full.

Nearly any curriculum you buy for homeschoolers comes with instruction on what to teach and what to have them do on their own. (Actually the most problems I have had are with things that are designed for classrooms 0 like Abeka - that I am adapting for home use.) I didn't mean to discourage you from your choice, if that is what you and your husband have decided would be best for your kids and for you. I just wanted to let you know that there are pros and cons both to that approach.

Let me know what you decide to do!