Friday, December 26, 2008

Amazon makes it too easy

This is what I got for Christmas! My husband is so spoiled by Amazon: a couple of clicks and my gift is ordered, wrapped, and delivered two days later.

My girls gave me a gift certificate to order accessories for my new iPod, that I am still learning how to operate. I wanted it mainly to listen to audio books. There are so many accessories and such that go with it that I am a little overwhelmed. I know I want some sort of docking system with a speaker system, so I don't have to listen with the ear buds or headphones. I am also debating whether I need the arm band if I have the speaker system. And isn't there some sort of device to make it play in your car's speaker system?

If you know anything about these things, I could sure use your help...

Picture from, my husband's best friend. :-)

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DRS said...

Call Tony. He has one and uses it all the time, and he has several gadgets for it.