Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's a good thing I'm done Christmas Shopping

I was sick two weekends ago, and Thursday I started feeling bad again. Feels like the same thing, and my husband and one of my kids have had the same thing. I don't know if I caught it again or if this is a relapse, but here I am with another wasted weekend on my hands. Fortunately I only have one gift card left to get and I am DONE with Christmas shopping.

Here is yet another good reason to start Christmas shopping in January - you never know what December will bring. Whether it be health issues or financial issues, any kind of hiccup in your lives can really cause problems this time of year, especially if you have a large family to organize gifts for and/or a limited budget in which to do it.

So after Christmas, make yourself a chart with everyone you need to buy for next year, and set a goal to buy/make a certain number every month between now and next November. Jot down ideas for each person and keep a look out for great gifts and you'll be surprised at how often you'll find a sale or coupon for them. And buying some every month will cut down on stress next Advent season!

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