Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't you know what causes that?

We just got back in town from another trip to our home town. The past several years, my family has celebrated Christmas together the weekend before Christmas. Sometimes it was hard for the sons-in-law to get off enough time to travel to Odessa on Christmas and it was getting harder to coordinate everyone's schedule. So a few years ago we started setting aside that weekend as our time to get together.

Even though it was an extremely short trip, it was a good one. We always enjoy way too many pies. And my sister Sarah make the best fudge EVER. Seriously, no contest. It is the best. She even makes some with a dark chocolate topping just for me.

I just had to share a funny from the weekend. Almost 7 years ago, when I called my youngest sister to tell her I was expecting another baby (our youngest at that time was only 8 months old), she immediately turned around to tell her husband. From the background, he said, "Good grief! Tell them to stop sharing toothbrushes!"

Ever since it has been a family joke.

Fast forward to this weekend. We are exchanging gifts and Sarah hands Kelly and I our gift from them. A movie, and...

a new toothbrush.

We all died laughing. Except for the kids, of course, who could not understand why all the grown-ups were laughing about a toothbrush.

(By the way, this in NOT an announcement of any kind. My sister just thought it would be funny, and I wanted to share our laugh for the weekend.)


Jeanie said...

Hi there,
I know this is off topic, but I am soo lost. We bought our home schooling curriculum today and have sooo many questions. I have NO CLUE how to put a lesson plan together for starters....
Jeanie : )

Tami said...


First what did you end up buying?

Second, when you say "lesson plan" what do you mean?

If you would rather email me, let me have your address.

Jeanie said...

We bought Horizons for my younger boys math, Saxon for my 5th grader, Spelling Power, Easy Grammer for my 5th grader, First language lessons, and I will have to look for our History as it's for all ages. By lesson planning I mean, what we should be doing each day. Vicki emailed me and said basically to divide how many lessons, with how many weeks you are schooling...
Sure my email is