Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kora!

I have been a mother for 12 years. My brain can hardly wrap around that fact. But here in the house we have a girl, nearly as tall as I am, who proclaims the truth of this amazing fact. Kora begins her last year before becoming a teenager today! Happy 12th birthday!

Kora loves horses, loves to read (especially about horse and dragons), is an incredible help to me, and amazes us with her growing maturity and understanding of her faith. She and I can now share shoes. And she was a really cute baby too. Wanna see?

Kora at 6 months old.
Kora at 1 year.
Kora at a year and a half.
Kora at 2.
Kora at 4.
Kora at 8.
Happy birthday, Kora!

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