Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Pants

When my youngest sister got up to roast my dad, she told one of her favorite stories. When she was in junior high, my dad had these pants. She describes them as M.C. Hammer pants, but they weren't quite that bad. But, my dad had the temerity to wear them to the mall with my two sisters in tow. They went to a music store, where some rock music was playing. My dad then proceeds to start two-stepping to this rock music in the music store! He tried to get my sisters, who were about 14 and 17, to dance with him, but they wanted to crawl under the carpet and hide. And he did this while wearing these pants:
My mom had found them in a closet a few weeks ago and set them aside for my sister to use as a visual aid at the roast.

Unfortunately when it came time for the party, my mom couldn't remember where she had put them! Even she got a good laugh out of her "senior moment." Of course, my sister found them under a bed at the house a day or two after the party!

So for Thanksgiving, my dad modeled them for us. We decided they were the perfect Thanksgiving pants - the flaps Velcro closed at the waist and are completely adjustable. Perfect for making room for that extra piece of pumpkin pie!


Candace said...

I'm sorry to say this, Tami.....but they're WORSE than the MC Hammer pants. Seriously!

But if it's any consulation....I LOVED the story! ;-)

Jeanie said...

I remember when they were popular! This is a great post...
Tami I would love another in depth laundry post. I am needing help in what each child can help w/ and @ what age(as far as laundry goes) Is there a way to do it where it's all consolidated? Like one of those 3 mesh bins. One for cottons, one for white, and one for demim(heavy).