Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eleven Kids

A dear friend of mine is sitting up in the hospital with her very sick 4 year old. Little Sam has severe asthma and when he get sick... well, it ain't pretty. And unfortunately this time, her husband was out of town when he was admitted.

Anyway, several of us in our church have been pitching in and hosting her older kids while she is at the hospital and her husband is gone. Today, I had 5 extra kids at my house. You know you have a pretty good size family when 5 extra kids doesn't make a dent in your psyche. I just had to make a few extra hot dogs.

The real difference is that four of the kids were boys, which is something that doesn't happen too much around here. Fortunately we have Star Wars movies and a pretty cool swing set in the back yard. After lunch, the boys were teaching the girls a few games.

A couple of the boys taught Kora how to play Stratego, a game we've had for a while but they didn't know how to play.
Others were playing card games. I think this one is "slap jack."
Josh found a word game to play.
And the younger girls were upstairs with my friend's lone daughter in little girl heaven.
My kids have had a blast. Hopefully, little Sam will be well enough to come home soon!

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