Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting real

OK, so I like sports. I grew up watching sports with my dad. I watch more football than my husband does. I like baseball (our guest room is even decorated in a baseball motif). I am an Olympics junkie. If I'm vegging on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, I'll watch anything from beach volleyball to golf.

However, can we get real?

I agree that when you take an oath to be truthful, you should do so, but Congress shouldn't even have been involved in the whole baseball/steroids deal. Of course, I don't think baseball should be federally subsidized, either.

And REALLY? He "insisted" ?!? And she had no say so in the matter?

And, just to be clear, I don't think that the players should be taking these substances. However, MLB has set up this culture of turning their heads to what was going on and now it is reaping the consequences. And this is a complete breach of privacy and blatant corruption by the government. Not only is this a stretch of the "in plain view" rules of search and seizure laws, but how come it is that there are 104 names on the list, and only one was leaked? Look for this one to end up in the Supreme Court. And also look for players (as well as non-sports employees in any career field) to either refuse these "confidential surveys" or to just outright lie on them. After all, confidential isn't really confidential anymore.

And finally, and not so seriously, how many think Brett Favre will actually stay retired this time?

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