Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Monday

This is what's on the menu rotation for this week:

Monday: Funeral Casserole, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, rolls (This casserole, which I got from a cookbook put out by my grandmother's church years ago, is so named because the submitter always made this for potluck lunches for funerals up at the church.)

Tuesday: Chicken tortilla Soup, salad, cornbread

Wednesday: Granny's Meat patties, mashed potatoes, green beans (We call this dish that because Kelly's grandmother made it for us several times when we were first married.)

Thursday: Yummy Chicken pasta, rolls, roasted zucchini (My friend Cathi made this for us after we had Ashlynn, and it has been a family favorite ever since!)

Friday: grill something

Saturday: Steak tostadas

Sunday: taco salad

Because I am leaving early Friday morning to attend the Whole Hearted Mothers Conference in Irving, the weekend menu will not look exactly like this. I'll leave a lasagna for Kelly and the girls to throw in the oven either Friday or Saturday,and I'll have taco fixings for the other night. Kelly will be making taco salad for Sunday and I'll have hot dogs on hand for any other meal time needs. When Mama is gone, the meals get pretty simple. I'm even buying - gasp! - muffin mix and canned cinnamon/orange Danish rolls for breakfasts while I'm gone.


Jeanie said...

LOL what is wrong w/ muffin mix? I have tried making the chocolate chip and other better crocker one we love, just doesn't turn out. I did find one for YUMMY cinnamon rolls : )

Tami said...

nothing wrong with it - I just don't buy it except on special occasions. :-)