Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Quickly Things Change

I am always amazed at how quickly kids can become sick. Yesterday morning, everyone was fine. I took Brynna and Hailey to the dentist; both were fine. When we got home I made lunch.

During lunch, Hailey (aged 6) started crying, saying she was cold. I thought she was just whining (as usual), so I told her to go put some warmer clothes on and be quiet. When she got down stairs in warm clothes and was still shivering and crying, I looked at her more closely. That's when I noticed the pasty color of her skin. All my girls are very fair complected, so you wouldn't think that they have much color to lose. But evidently pale easily becomes the color of liquid glue when they don't feel good.

So I took her temperature: 101.8. Just before nap I took it again: 103.2. I checked on her during nap time and took it again: 104! Good grief! "Great! Now I have guilt!" (Name that movie.)

I guess she was due, since she missed out on the really bad cold we all had a few weeks back.


Kristen and Dave said...

Toy Story :-)

Hope Hailey is better soon!

Amy Mantooth said...

Yep! I was coming to say, Toy Story!