Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Sisters

My two oldest girls are each other's best friends. They like many of the same things (horses, playing piano) and love to play together. They each feel bereft without the other.

This doesn't mean they are carbon copies of each other.

Kora really excels in things like Latin and Greek, reading. She struggles with her spelling and sometimes with math. Aubrey has no problems with spelling or math, also likes to read, but doesn't catch on with languages as easily.

I don't know that I realized there was such a difference in their senses of humor until tonight.

After everyone had food dished onto their plates tonight, Kelly launches quite unexpectedly into a joke:

"So three men walk into a bar. You'd think the third one would have ducked."

Aubrey dies laughing; she literally had tears coming out of her eyes. Kora looks at us and says, "What's so funny?" I had to explain two different meanings of "bar." Even Brynna got it before Kora did.

Aubrey summed it up after Kora finally "got" it. Aubrey said, "It isn't as funny if you have to explain the joke." I agree. :-)
This was taken right after the girls cut their hair off last year to donate to Locks of Love.

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