Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hailey's Hobby

Hailey (aged 6.5) has decided to take up photography. Either that or she just likes to play with our camera. She did ask permission, so I let her click away the other day. When I uploaded pictures the other day, I found some interesting subjects. Like our front door, bookshelves, random objects lying around the house, the garden, etc. There were about 100 (give or take about 90) of Brynna. I deleted most of her pictures, but kept a few. I love digital cameras - never in a million years would I have let her take over 60 pictures with film!

Hailey's Gallery

Brynna - being a ham runs in (her father's) family

Didn't know doing dishes was so fascinating.
Don't I look excited? I was grading a math assignment. Notice all the bookshelves behind me? Yep, you might be a homeschooler if...
Way cool Daddy.
There were also about 20 pictures of Ashlynn. No joke.
This one just made me laugh. It's a picture of a doll shoe. No, I have no idea why.


Jeanie said...

I love the pics!
I also love how organized your school books are : )
We are going to have a whole book shelf dedicated when we move and I cannot wait. Right now I only have 2 shelves on my bakers rack.

VLS said...

Hailey, you did great for your first showing! Such style, such originality, such fun.