Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, I took the girls in for their yearly eye exam. Brynna started wearing glasses last year. And I wasn't really surprised when her eyesight had worsened in just one year. Unfortunately, she seems to be taking after me in that regard. Not only was her perscription about half as strong as it now needed to be, she had grown so much that her one year old glasses were too small for her face!

So we ordered new glasses. Blue ones - it's what she wanted. This morning we went to pick them up. She was so excited, like most kids would be at getting to go pick up a new toy or something. But they are really cute.


Jeanie said...

Awee : )
We go to Walmart (potranco) and my son's glasses needed repair now 2 times in 2 months. Next time we will have to get NEW frames as these are discontinued : )

Candace said...

I had blue frames in high school.