Thursday, July 30, 2009


Shortly after we arrived at my in-laws' house Friday afternoon, my parents called. They were at my sister's house and wanted to know if it was ok for them to come over. My sister lives in Ft. Worth, and my parents had come up to celebrate my niece's 1st birthday. But once they heard Vickie's news they wanted to come by since they were only about an hour away.

So for a while I had my husband, my kids, my middle sister, her husband, my niece, Kelly's parents, Kelly's brother and his wife, and their kids under one roof. The only ones from my immediate family missing were my youngest sister, her husband, and their boys.
This from left to right is my sister Jaime, my dad., my SIL Lena is hiding behind my dad, Kelly's brother Tony, my MIL Vickie, my FIL David, Kelly, and my mom.
My MIL Vickie on the left and my mom on the right. They were watching the two toddlers playing.
Here I am with Ashlynn on the left and Callan, my niece, on the right. They were HEAVY!
Ashlynn and Callan enjoyed playing together. OK, well, Ashlynn enjoyed it. I'm not sure Callan knew what to think about this person her size who kept running around her trying to get her to walk and giving her toys. Once, Ashlynn actually reached out a hand trying to get Callan to stand up!
Ashlynn loved my in-law's dog. She spent the whole weekend chasing him around and petting him, and then running away when he licked her. She was also fascinated by his dog food - yuck!

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