Monday, March 3, 2008

Book Review: Deceptively Delicious

I saw this book in the store a few weeks ago and was intrigued enough to check it out from the library. It's full title is Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food by Jessica Seinfeld.

First off, I think the title is, well, deceptive. The book really isn't about getting your kids to eat healthy foods. It's really about how to steam and puree fruits and veggies, and then sneak them into foods your kids will eat. So it's not really about teaching your kids better habits, but just not letting them know that what they are eating is healthy.

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against adding the produce to the foods - although some of her suggestions did not appeal to me - but if you think this is a book about how to get your kids to eat better, you'll be disappointed. But if you want a book that will teach you how to steam and puree cauliflower and then add it into homemade macaroni and cheese, this book is for you.

I've done a little of this over the years - zucchini in chili, spaghetti squash in spaghetti. We even had pumpkin pancakes this morning. But this mom of 3 evidently puts pureed produce into everything. From brownies to cheese sticks, she has suggestion for what veggie or fruit to put in what dish. She also has detailed instructions on how to steam different types of veggies and how to store them. There is also a dietitian who contributed to the book, offering her input as well.

Overall, if you wanted to learn how to add some of these items to everyday dishes, this book would be worth checking out. And I really mean that literally. I would suggest checking it out from the library to see if it is worth the $15 cover price. I will not be buying it as (1) I already know how to steam veggies and puree them and (2) already have a good idea of how to add them to dishes. If this fits you, you might peruse it for any helpful tidbits and then turn it back in. Also I have children who LIKE veggies and fruits. I have no problem getting them to eat veggies (except for green peas, which I love) or fruits. But if you have kids who are very picky and you worry about them getting the nutrition they need, then this could be a helpful resource.

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