Sunday, March 2, 2008

I won!

I don't usually win stuff in contests. But yesterday I was notified that I won one of the prizes that Home-Ec101 was giving away to celebrate their first birthday. I will be getting a free can of Bar Keeper's Friend, which I do use, especially on my kitchen sink. And it won't be too many weeks until I can reach the kitchen sink again to use it!

And my friend Teresa won one of their t-shirts! So our little church/homeschooling group was well represented. If you've never visited their site, it's pretty neat. It's subtitle is "What you wish your mama taught you." There are all sorts of tips on how to clean certain - usually problem - areas, as well as cooking tips. Not just recipes, but how to cook things. Right now they are doing a series on how to bake bread, complete with pictures. This is one of the websites I visit every day.

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