Monday, March 10, 2008

Needed: One Vacuum Cleaner

OK, so Saturday we discover that our 8 year old vacuum cleaner (the downstairs one in family lingo) is done for. The cord is so frayed that copper wiring is showing through. In several places Not good. And while part of me is grateful that it lasted that long - how many modern vacuums last 8 years, two moves, and two sets of brand new carpeting? - I am always bummed when I have to spend money to replace something we already had.

So, anybody have any good recommendations?

Our upstairs vac is a Hoover Windtunnel (NOT bagless) Self-propelled vacuum, and we are seriously thinking about getting another one like it for the downstairs. We like it, and the kids like it because the self-propelled feature makes it easy for them to push, and our kids do nearly all the household vacuuming. The only thing we don't like about it is that the brush doesn't seem to be very well designed. My husband has to clean it out every week not only because so much long hair gets wrapped around it, but hair gets inside and wraps around the bearing. So if he doesn't clean out the inside of the brush we have to replace the brush way too often (about $25 a pop). Now we aren't sure if this is a peculiarity to our long-locked family or a true flaw in the design.

Downstairs the hair problem isn't as bad. It's not where the girls brush their hair or play on the floor as much. So possibly it won't matter down here. And it would be nice to have the same bags, belts, etc. for both vacuums.

So our requirements are: either lightweight or self-propelled, bagged (no bagless!), and have the normal compliment of tools. Oh, and not require a small loan (i.e. no Kirby). So let me know if you know of a vac that would fit our bill!


Lora said...

Sorry we use a central vac and have no carpet other than area rugs now. I gave away all vacuum cleaners and haven't used one in over 3 years hehe.

walkmom said...

We do have Kirby (actually 2--old), and they have to have the hair cleaned at least bi-weekly or it gets wrapped around and into the bearings. So it is not justyour problem, except that we have as much hair at our house as you do. I don't really like the Kirbys because of that problem. But I will say, that we have had one for 21 years (it was used when we got it) and another for 10 years (it was used when it was given to us). Pete has replaced beater bars, handles (don't ask), and the thing you push down with your foot to change the height,and a cord--oh and the fan blade because I sucked up a rock with the hose attachment on. Not too bad all in all. BTW you only mentioned the cord on your old one. If that's all that is wrong; it can be replaced a whole lot cheaper than getting a new vacuum.

Tami said...

Vicki, when it first happened, I didn't think we could get a replacement chord. The Hoover website didn't show that they had parts for our vacuum so I figured it was just too old. After reading that you are still getting parts for yours, I widened my search and actually found the replacement cord! So we are going to try that first. Hope it works!

Teresa said...

We have a Hoover Windtunnel vacuum, too. We all like it, except that recently the self-propelling feature isn't so self-propelling any more. It moves forward easily, but not backward. I'm not sure what parts to look for...I'll have to get on their website and poke around a bit.

I have to cut a lot of hair off ours, too, and thread from sewing projects gets wound up on it as well. Unless someone comes up with a beater brush that isn't a rapidly rotating cylinder, I think we're all stuck with that chore.