Sunday, March 9, 2008

The countdown to D-Day begins

The end is in sight. I scheduled my last two week visit with my midwife for the day before Easter. After that it will be every week until I deliver. In fact, the last weekend in March is the prenatal visit she does at my home. This is to make sure all the birth attendants know how to get to my house, that she can see the set up and know what kind of environment she'll be working in when the call comes. And yes, she does this even on repeat clients.

In spite of all my contractions, etc., the midwife does not believe I'll deliver significantly early. That doesn't mean I'll make it to my due date, as I am definitely making progress. But she thinks I will still be pregnant the first of April. My grandmother's birthday is the 5th of April, so I think that would be a nice day to have a baby. :-) Oh, and the midwife is rather funny, she is quite astounded at how low the baby is. Yes I know she said that last time, but if anything the baby is even a little lower now. She was showing her apprentice: "See, at 35 weeks we are usually hearing the heartbeat up here (points to an area closer to my belly button) but I'm getting hers here (points to the area just above my hipbone)."

The down side to the visit was that this baby is in the same position as Lauryn was in until just as she was being born. The baby's shoulders are running from my backbone to my front. And my placenta is on my left side, causing the baby to be more comfortable in that position. She gave me some exercises to do to hopefully keep the baby from shifting to a posterior position - also known as sunny-side-up. Those deliveries HURT! We do not want that. So I have to spend alot of time on my left side for the next month.

I have a list of things I want to accomplish before the baby comes, but fortunately most of them can be done sitting down. Very nice. These include getting some school planning done (mainly ordering decisions), other household things (like printing up a new chore chart for the kids while my mom is here), some online shopping, and some stuff for church. The last week of March, our homeschool group is offering the Iowa Basic Skills standardized test, and I'll be proctoring (fortunately this is a sit down job as well). So I hope I have enough to do stay busy enough to keep from dwelling on the delivery and everything else. I also still haven't finished this baby's afghan, so I need to get hopping on that one!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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