Friday, March 14, 2008

What mom means to you

Aubrey seems to have a warped view of me.

A couple of days ago, in her spelling workbook, she had to write the list words that corresponded with the given definitions. One of her definitions was "having or showing sound judgment." The list word she wrote down was "motherhood."

Then that night at supper, she asked which of the children looked the most like me. Kelly and I both answered "Hailey." Aubrey was surprised. Kelly told her, "You should see Mama's pictures from when she was that age."

To which Aubrey answered, very dryly, "Yeah, but they'd be in black and white."

Evidently I am sensible (the actual word from her spelling) but too old to do anything about it.


Born to Dance said...

That's so funny! The things we say to our parents. haha.

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