Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Talk about conspicuous

Today, we left the house a little early so I could vote on the way to piano lessons. Our voting site is the local public elementary school. So if you can picture this, my five girls and I walk in to the local school at 11:15 am, and go into the library.

I see a long line - at least 30 people - in line in front of a table waiting to vote. I'm immediately thinking that I don't have enough time to vote before we have to need to get to the lesson. But then I notice another table with no one in front of it. I peek around the long line of people to see what the set up is.

Sure enough, the long line was in front of the Democratic Party table. There was no one in front of the Republican party's table.

So I sail up to the Republican table - literally, as my stomach feels like a huge, billowing main sail of a ship - with my gaggle of girls following behind me. I sign up and go up to a booth to vote, with the girls gathered around me watching me. We then headed out to leave for Kora's lesson.

The whole time, the line of voters in the other line was just staring at us. At my "large" family, at my girls who weren't in school (one of the election officials asked if we were homeschoolers, but then said "good for you"), and that we were in the Republican line. I could just hear their thoughts.

"One of those families."

Talk about feeling just a little conspicuous. :-) But it was good for the girls to be involved with me in the voting process.

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Candace said...

I had similar experiences. I voted first thing in the morning. The line was pretty long when I got there, so I wasn't sure I'd stay because all the kids were at home, including the baby. I took my place at the end of the line. Not five minutes later, a man comes to the back of the line asking for the next republican in line. I was the ONLY republican in the whole line, so I sailed right up to the front!

Then, last night I attended the caucus along with the EIGHT other republicans that attended. When one of the ladies found out I had seven kids, she jokingly said, "You don't homeschool do you?" When I responded "yes", she also had that "one of those families" look on her face. But then again, she was also the one that I had to explain (during the resolutions phase) that being pro-life means 100% with NO exceptions, not saying you're pro-life "unless..........", which she did!

It was quite an experience!