Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy, girly, super fun weekend

We've had a busy, but good weekend.

Friday my two older girls had a slumber party (their first!) at one of the church member's houses. They had invited all the girls from church - that's right, ALL. That's around 20 girls. And that's only ones ages 8 and up. This family wanted to do something special for the daughters of another church member - their dad is serving in Iraq right now. So they had a "Super Fun Happy Glittery Pink Girly Party Sleepover" as they dubbed it. Well, my two girls sure had fun.

I had a doctor's appointment Friday afternoon, and afterward Kelly and I had planned a date night, so we traded babysitting with another couple from church. They watched our younger three girls Friday evening and soon we will return the favor. We had a great time. We got to eat good sea food, Kelly got ammo, we bought Kelly a couple of suits (a late Christmas present), and got new bluetooth headsets to go with our new razor cell phones. More on those in a minute.

Saturday, Kelly went to the range. He took one of the teenaged boys from church and I'm not sure who had more fun: Kelly or the boy. Kelly loves to go to the range and pass on his love of guns, and what teenaged boy wouldn't like to spend a Saturday morning that way??? While he was gone, I went to pick up the girls, who had had a total of about 5 hours sleep, and a week's worth of pizza, soda, sweets, and breakfast food. Evidently the teenagers cooked a feast for breakfast. Kora (aged 11) can now out eat Kelly most of the time. She informed me about breakfast. "I had a couple of biscuits with jelly, a couple of sausage patties, some bacon, 2-3 eggs, and that was just my first helping. I went back for more."

Me: "Did you leave any for the rest of them?"

K: "Oh, yeah, I was nearly at the back of the line."

All the boys from church were over at the pastor's house, and I was informed that they waaaaaay out ate the girls. I guess all the girls don't eat like Kora.

Oh, and this is what Kora looked like when I picked her up:

Evidently this is what you do at a sparkly girly pretty pink super fun sleepover. I forgot to take a picture of their fingernails, which sported 10 different shades of polish. I also didn't get a picture of Aubrey's hair, but she had two long braids that looked really cute as well.

When Kora took them out last night to take a shower, she looked like this:

Yesterday afternoon I hit a few stores to grab some sales going on. I also hit CVS today - this is a great CVS week this week. I have decided that the Ides of March (everyone does know the historical reference that is, correct?) is some sort of big sale weekend for some reason. Here's some of what we got this weekend:

* 2 Motorola Bluetooth headsets - $4.99 each plus tax (after rebate - I love! That's where I saw this offer at Office Depot posted.)
* chicken breasts $1.69 per lb, 8 grapefruits for $1 at Sun Harvest (They had a huge 72 hour sale this weekend - I've never seen that place so full! Lots of good stuff on sale I didn't get!)
* chicken quarters for $0.43 per pound at HEB
* six boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal for 8 cents a box and two gallons of Bordon's milk for $2.69 each at Walmart (I had 6 $2-off coupons for the cereal which costs $2.08 at WM. I receive the La Fiesta grocery store circular in the mail every week, and they had their Bordon's milk on sale. Wal mart price matched it, plus I had 2 $1 off coupons. The cereal I am saving for after the baby comes. The milk won't last that long.)
*Today at CVS I got all this:

for $2.98 out of pocket.

That's combining all of these on sale (except the Lansinoh, which I am just going to need soon) with $40 in CVS and manufacturer coupons, and $35 in ECBs. Plus I came out with at least as many ECBs as I did going in.

We will not be on spring break this week. We are taking a combined late spring break/ baby break/ summer break starting April 11. So my kids only have 4 more weeks of school, and one of those will be pretty much eaten up with standardized testing. If your family is on spring break this week, I hope it is a good one!

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