Friday, May 2, 2008

I Was Wrong

At my trip to the Social Security Office today, I found out it was tied to Ashlynn's birth. (See this post for the full story if you missed it.) The card had been issued so quickly after her birth that I thought there was NO WAY it could have been meant for her - after all, since when does the government move that fast and efficiently? Well, evidently now that you can electronically file for the birth certificate and such, it moves much faster.

So according to the SSA, Ashlynn is not really Ashlynn, but has my name. The question is, what does the birth certificate say? The midwife is going to call Vital Statistics and find out, and we'll go from there. It is correctable, but we have to find out how much to correct. If she has to file a correction on the birth certificate, then we'll have to wait for that to go through before requesting a copy of it. Then we can take it to the SSA and hopefully get everything all straightened out.


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